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Creepy Church Flyer Promises ‘Steamy and Sexy Message’ From The Bible

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scan of back of Cedar Creek church flyer
Back of Cedar Creek church flyer

I received a flyer in the mail, from a new mega-church opening in my area. Normally I treat these flyers like most junk mail but this one from Cedar Creek Church promises if I come to their opening week services I will become a better lover by hearing a ‘Steamy and Sexy message’ from the Holy Bible. Just reading the flyer made me want to take a shower to get the creepiness off me.
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Previously Unknown Criminal Record Haunts Findlay City Councilman Collette

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image of Findlay Councilman K. C. Collette
Councilman K. C. Collette

K. C. Collette (3rd Ward) never thought crap would hit the fan when he recently applied for a new job in Florida. It seems that the 7 term Findlay City councilman and assistant Hancock county prosecutor was arrested twice in the 1990’s for soliciting a prostitute in Florida. While I think that someone convicted of a misdemeanor shouldn’t be precluded from serving as an elected official, lying by omission about the crimes, when the county first hired him in 1996 and when he ran for council, does lead me to think he needs to resign his offices.
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The Firing Of Joe Paterno Was A Business Decision

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image of Joe Paterno in happier timesPenn State University has a mess on its hands and many heads rolled as a result – as they should have – but many people on the Internet either falsely claimed that Coach Joe Paterno was accused of molesting the children or that his lack of action upon finding out made him as guilty as the former staff member who is actually accused. Make no mistake, Paterno was fired on Wednesday so the school could protect their brand and get ahead of the massive negative story.
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Breaking News: Medicare will pay for a penis pump!

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Let’s take a time out on politics for a moment.

Being a night owl I get to see some funny television and crappy television. Late at night, stations show commercials they wouldn’t show during the day. Usually they focus on sex. Male “enhancement” pills, condoms, and personal lubricants are some of the products seen when the kids are asleep. The other night I saw the following commercial during a late movie and it just cracked me up.

So, Medicare pays for a penis pump… WOW!

Erectile dysfunction is a real medical problem and I don’t intend to insult those who suffer from it, I just thought this pump commercial was comedic in an adult comedy way.

It just amazes me that products like the pump have to “nudge nudge wink wink” around the fact they are for sex related issues. The pills are for “male enhancement” and the lubes are “personal lubricants” for example. I’m sure most adults catch on and the kiddies miss it, but unless the words used are obscene, the makers shouldn’t have to use innuendo.

It reminds me of the scene in the movie Kindergarten Cop when the little boy tells Detective John Kimble, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Boys have a penis, and girls have a vagina”. The kid probably had no idea what he said but the adults all did.

There seems to protests if there is too much sex on TV – or commercials about sex related products. It took years for even a watered down condom commercial to air on TV.

The reasoning is “we must protect the children”, but on the other hand protecting the children leads to sexual repression and that isn’t good either. The best defense against sexual issues is information – clear and frank information.

Okay, sorry. Said I would take a break from politics on this post…. my bad.