Eurythmics Mended My Broken Heart

image of two Eurythmics album covers

A classic human milestone is one’s first broken heart. It can happen at any age but it does happen to all of us at some point. My first broken heart was during my college years when my first real love didn’t share the same feelings for me that I had for her. I hit a very rough patch that took several months to heal. It also probably cost me two friendships as they got tired of my blubbering depression and needing to talk about the event incessantly. Lucky for me I had the Eurythmics on my record player for much of that tough time and their songs helped mend my broken heart.

I had been a fan of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart since “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” but there were two albums specifically that got me through my melancholy: “Be Yourself Tonight” (1985) and “Revenge” (1986). I had picked them up at a local record store and already had dubbed them to a blank cassette so I could listen to the music while walking to class. 

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