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My attempt at a narcissistic cult continues with the addition of a tumblr page. It will be the place to find pictures, videos, quotes that I want to share but really don’t want to do a full blown blog post or to share wider than Facebook. See the link below:

I call it Doug’s Twigs and Berries for obvious reasons. 

Check it out….

Weekend Ear Candy – In the air tonight – Phil Collins

It’s late one summer evening and I’m lying in a lean-to tent during a camp out weekend with my Scout troop back in 1982 I think. I am alone in the tent since I was so “popular” every one wanted to bunk with me. My only real friend was my small transistor radio. And a storm was moving toward the camp.

The sky flashed with lightening and low rumbles of thunder shook the ground as the storm drew closer.

I HATED thunderstorms so I turned on the radio and laid it on my ear to muffle the storm. “In the air tonight” came on and at just the time it seemed to sync with the storm noise and actually made it more enjoyable – it added a freaky twist to the song and the storm. Now when I hear the song it transfers back to that time and place.

In the air tonight – Phil Collins

Weekend Ear Candy – Ben Folds Five

The band Ben Folds Five was really a power pop trio from North Carolina that had a hit with the ballad “Brick” in 1997. They broke up in 2000. I liked their more energetic music such as this weeks weekend ear candy titled “Army” I just love horns in songs although in this live performance, the horn section isn’t a good fit on the song. The actual recording is better.

Ben Folds Five – Army

Weekend Ear Candy: The Corrs

I‘m starting a new segment on this blog – Weekend Ear Candy.

Basically I plan on using the power of YouTube to highlight music I like on the weekends when I may not have an actual post to make.

Today is the first under this label.

My favorite band – so far – The Corrs and a live version of their hit “I Never Loved You Anyway”. It was performed during their most recent DVD concert in 2004. They currently are on an extended break while the family do family stuff like having children etc…..

If you never heard of The Corrs then click on the link on their name to see a tribute page I put up some years ago after their last tour.

I picked a live version of this song because in their concerts they use it to introduce the members of the band.

I Never Loved You Anyway