Craig Ferguson’s Voting Rant

Craig Ferguson is host of the Late Late Show on CBS. On Wednesday night, 9/10, his monologue consisted of a serious and funny rant about the election season. It came after the ridiculous fake GOP outrage about a comment Senator Obama made about putting lipstick on a pig.

Ferguson, a native of Scotland, became a US citizen earlier this year.

Here is a video clip of what became a two part rant. The 2nd part was given during his desk chat before the first guest.

Here is a short paraphrasing of the best bits from the rant:

Why is McCain having his VP up there running for president – (as an old man) there you go isn’t she pretty? Spoiler alert – (shakes his no) – you’re not.

People want to see real solutions to real problems.

Only one poll that matters and that is November the 4th.

If your families are off limits then why are they on stage with you and they have a damn profile in People magazine! You damn manipulative hypocrites!

On the Today Show this morning they asked which candidate would you rather have dinner with? Here’s your answer – I don’t care – none of them. I want to know what do you plan to do for this country!

Let the Daily Show do what they do and the regular media needs to take this thing seriously.

If you don’t vote you’re a moron!

We have 2 patriotic candidates who love their country and they have different ideas on how to help this country – learn about them, read about them, question them, listen to them and on election day exercise your sacred right as an American and listen to yourself.

It seems it takes an outsider to remind us of what is important.