Dear Michigan Football Fan

I just learned that due to the loss to Purdue on Saturday, you will miss going to a bowl game and will have a losing season for the first time since 1967.

Don’t be too sad. Change sucks. You have a new coach with a new system but you just didn’t have the players for it.

I know how you feel. Back in 1987, Ohio State fired Earle Bruce – old 9 and 3 Earle – as we use to call him because of the many 9 and 3 season records. OSU hired John Cooper who’s only claim to fame was beating you guys back in the 1987 Rose Bowl as coach of Arizona State.

In Cooper’s first season we went 4-6-1. That included being blown out by Pittsburgh and Indiana and not going to a bowl game.

So change does hurt but Coach Rodriguez is a good coach and once his recruits come in you will get better – but I hope not too much better…. (grin)

Hopefully we beat you this year but it would be better if you were a good team.

Good luck next season.