It’s Great When Republicans Aren’t Subtle About Their Intentions

image of Rep Steve Stivers' Facebook post

One good thing about the current douchebaggery from the cheap labor conservative Republicans, in the Congress, is they have stopped using Congress speak to mask their true intentions. Ohio Rep Steve Stivers (R-15) posted a note on his Facebook page tonight that is pretty honest about his stance on the current jobs crisis. He plans to do nothing.

In case you don’t see the screen shot of the post above here is the text from the post:

“This week, the House will consider a continuing resolution that would fund the government through November 18, 2011—I look forward to the opportunity to bring down the size of the federal government while continuing to reign in wasteful government spending.”

Posted approx 8 PM EDT 10/03/2011

Rep. Steve Stivers

Setting aside the grammar error (reign in??), I think he needs to read a newspaper – blood from a turnip comes to mind. We are down to the bone there is no fat to cut unless he supports bringing the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan and cutting defense projects that were needed back when we had a cold war but aren’t needed now.

Enough of the class war Rep. Stivers