Sign From Cheap Labor Conservative Doesn’t Add Up

A friend shared the image below and it caused me to question the authenticity. The text in the image claims it was written by a college senior who will graduate this year with no debt, has no electronics like an iPad or smartphone, and only works 30 hours a week on barely above minimum wage. Maths is not a good subject for the cheap labor conservatives and their arrogance is one of the reasons the “occupy wall street” movement started.

One of the side stories of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement are the story signs. People hold up signs with their personal stories about how they have been negatively impacted by the corporatism pervasive in our government. Some cheap labor conservatives co-opted that expression and use images of story signs to forward their wrong ideas about “Occupy Wall Street” and the people protesting.

Here is one image I saw today. A friend shared it on their Facebook page. It was originally shared on the page for conservative radio station 640WGST in Atlanta (you can also find it on the conservative response site “We are the 53%”):

image of someone holding a sign that tells their story

In case you can’t or don’t want to see the image, here is the text in the image:

I am a college senior, about the graduate completely debt free.
I pay for all of my living expenses by working 30+ hrs a week making barely above minimum wage.
I chose a moderately priced, in-state public university & started saving $ for school at age 17.
I got decent grades in high school & received 2 scholarships which cover 90% of my tuition.
I currently have a 3.8 GPA
I live comfortably in a cheap apt, knowing I can’t have everything I want. I don’t eat out every day or even once a month. I have no credit card, new car, iPad or smart phone – and I’m perfectly ok with that. If I did have debt, I would not blame Wall St or the government for my own bad decisions.
I live below my means to continue saving for the future.
I expect nothing to be handed to me, and will continue to work my @$$ [ass] off for everything I have.
That’s how it’s suppose to work.
I am NOT the 99% and whether or not you are is YOUR decision.

Text from image found on 640WGST radio’s Facebook page

Nothing else is known about the author than what is in the text but even that information is suspect. Just do the math.

The author claims they work 30+ hours a week at barely above minimum wage.

If the wage where they work is the standard $7.25/hr then the gross of say 35 hours is $254 (rounded up) a week that is $1,016 a month. It’s possible to eke out a decent living on that as long as the person has no car, no insurance to pay, and needs no books for school.

The tax rate today is conservatively 20-22% (Federal and state and local combined for a single person) so this person would have approximately $800 a month after taxes. I assume they are single. The author could have a family and their spouse pays for everything outside of school which would undercut the story on their sign. But for the sake of argument we’ll assume they are telling the truth.

An average in-state college tuition is approximately $7500 a year and the author has two scholarships that cover 90% so that leaves about $750 a year. It’s possible the person doesn’t need to spend too much more but what about books. College text books are very expensive new and not much less expensive used if you can find them.

They also mention they started saving for school when they were 17 years old. I doubt they could have saved very much and buy a car new or used and all the costs for a high school student based on my experiences. Before one turns 18 you couldn’t work very much during the school year and they would need at least $7500 for school. Just seems fishy.

The author also doesn’t mention health insurance and if they’re working less than 40 hours a week then more than likely they have no employer insurance. Hope they don’t get sick…

The author says they don’t eat out so they spend probably $20-30 a week on food at the store. That leaves them $700 a month.

What is the rent? I don’t think it could be lower than $400 a month unless the author is living with others in a house like I did in college. But what about utilities?

Then we have the last part where the author claims the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters are blaming Wall Street for their own “bad decisions” – whatever that means. The author of this sign has no clue what the protests are about and many cheap labor conservatives use the same lame talking points.

Cheap labor conservatives think that the bankers and others who crashed the economy shouldn’t be blamed for impacting negatively on people who had no control over the situation. People lost homes, retirement funds, and jobs because some bankers and their Congressional lackeys gamed the system to enrich themselves. And none of them did a perp walk to jail. NONE.

This sign story just doesn’t add up. It uses some buzz words and dog whistles for other cheap labor conservatives to hear and “applaud”.


I added a link to the sign story project “We are the 99%” in the second paragraph. When I first published this post I couldn’t remember what the site was called or where I had seen the sign stories.

Cylinsier posted a response image on Reddit on 10/13/2011. Below is the image and I wanted to highlight an important point:

image of text in response to example of we are the 53%

I have been fortunate enough to not make many bad decisions in my life, but unlike the other guy who keeps posting this rant, I do not operate under the delusion that my life is the default template for everyone who was born in this country….

I work my ASS off and expect nothing to be handed to me but I also wish for a world where the opportunities and advantages I had will come to others as a result of their hard work, not as a result of ethnicity, gender, connections, or simple good fortune. THAT’S how it is suppose to work.

Text on image posted by Cylinsier on Reddit on 10/13/2011

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  1. Doug, are you really so ignorant that you must persecute someone for not taking handouts? I mean, really? You disgust me.

    And obviously you are so far removed from school that you've forgotten that dependants have health coverage under their parents while still a full-time student. (WAIT WHAT? Hurry up and attack her for that as well!)

    Suppose you're right and she doesn't get a well-paying job after college. Even if she picks up 10 more hours a week getting paid minimum wage, that money, when aggregated, can pay for a young healthy person's medical insurance.

    Get over yourself and your desperate cry for handouts. More of America is like this young person than the hipsters hanging out in the park across from Wall Street. The movement is a complete joke.

    1. Sorry if I disgust you or you think I'm ignorant. I wasn't attacking the author of the sign for not taking hand outs.

      If you read my post again you will see that I question the authenticity of the sign based on the math involved AND that the author doesn't understand what the Occupy Wall St. protests are about. It seems you don't either. It isn't about wanting hand outs or a free ride – the protests are about wanting the system to run as we were all promised. Do you really think it is fair for Wall Street to control economic policy and not be accountable for wrecking the economy back in 2008. Is it okay for no one to be investigated, indicted, or jailed for that. Do you think the huge income inequality we have now is a good thing? Do you think the big money corruption of our politics is good thing? Why aren't you complaining about the free ride and hand outs that the big corporations and banks get all the time. Where is your fairness?

      1. This is precisely the same argument I've been making all day against my friends that repost this image. I thought that our right-wing friends ALSO hated Wall Street for for receiving bail-outs. Don't we all have common ground on this?

    2. My bullshit alarm went off too. I know lots of kids who work and go to school etc etc. This was not written by one of them. No more than Up with People was a real music group started by kids. This is retard catnip.

  2. in addition, she got two scholarships from an in-state school…where does she think that money came from?

    as someone who honestly worked her way through school with no family money by working two jobs and federal loans, which i am dilligently repaying, i agree that this sign is probably fake.

  3. Here's the problem with your post.. You are comparing this sign, fake or real to being propaganda of cheap labor conservatives or their viewpoint. I saw this sign as a direct result of people that are occupying many cities with signs that they are in debt. Be it home, school or other loans, they signed them. They should file bankruptcy and take some flipping responsibility. "I didn't know it would take 20 years to pay off my loan to become a doctor…." — here's a tissue, and a kick in the ass.

    I myself on the other hand, worked just as hard as this sign, make over 100k a year, my taxes support at least 1 maybe 2 teacher's salaries and when we went to war in Iraq, even though I was 100% completely against why, I signed up to keep crazy people of the world away from my family. I have no idea what % this makes me, but I am sick of the public including myself paying for people that are lazy or otherwise unfortunate that EXPECT some help. I say if you are under 30, go visit your local recruitment office and serve your government for some time and earn that welfare check.

    Could the sign be real? Who knows. Are people (many viewed as right wing) out there that have lived this sign, you bet. I would guess the 99% is the prosperous ones that worked their asses off… I hope to be in that group and I am working my ass off to attain it, on my own.

    1. Bankruptcy is possible but it won't take care of student loans. Those are not allowed to be set aside. Also by the time the bankruptcy goes through the court the bank will have foreclosed on any house.

      Again the protests are about wanting a system that works like we were promised. Why is it okay for the Wall Street bankers and corporate people to get a free ride without any accountability? Why are you against fairness?

  4. You don't see how rent could be less than $400? Ever heard of an efficiency? You can get one for half that. And you can still even find places where utilities are included, granted, one of those would cost more than $200, but it still be very doable on that budget. Frugality is a lost art. I can buy a bag of dried beans and make a pot of soup that will feed me for a week. One of those story signs I saw was so idiotic, about being $40,000 in debt from school, not being able to find a job in her field and contemplating selling drugs or her body. Are you kidding? Who in their right mind allows themselves to get $40,000 in debt? If you can't afford an expensive school, then don't go to one! You can get a good education at a community college, or save up for a few years till you can afford to go to the school of your choice. As for not finding any jobs in her field, I'm sorry, but there are other options than drug dealing or prostitution. McDonalds? A mall job? May seem highschoolish to some people, but an honest paycheck is better than her suggested solutions any day of the week.

    1. You're right Amy. I forgot about efficiences. So the persons rent probably isn't less than $250 a month (based on what I found in a glance in my area).

      It is easy to get that much in debt with student loans. People get them in the expectation that they will get a job with enough income to pay the loans off. Those aren't normal loans where you have to score certain number of points on a credit score and have an ability to pay BEFORE the loan is issued. Student loans also pay for tuition and books and fees so the amounts can become large by the end of four years of school even at an in-state school.

      A college education is expensive.

        1. My son has an efficiency in a private apartment building in a major city where he is in a private post-secondary school. His rent, the least expensive there was, is $410 a month plus electric. He does have internet access to both keep in touch with us, his family, and to make homework more accessible, thus improve his grades. So, you are misinformed. There are indeed private efficiency apartments available, but not necessarily as cheap as cadfile seems to think. Even last semester when he lived in an apartment with two other students, he still paid more than his expenses are now.

          1. I never said it wasn't possible. Prices differ in different places. The apartment I live in now would be more expensive in a larger city and cheaper further away from an urban area. But looking at the whole that author's experience is not the norm and it isn't productive to then say others who didn't have the same experience through no fault of their own shouldn't blame Wall St. That is answering a question not being asked. College debt is one story of the 99%.

            As Alan Grayson said: "… we should not have 24 million people in this country who can’t find a full time job, that we should not have 50 million people in this country who can’t see a doctor when they’re sick, that we shouldn’t have 47 million people in this country who need government help to feed themselves, and we shouldn’t have 15 million families who owe more on their mortgage than the value of their home…"

            Again what made me write a post about that sign story was partly the math didn't add up and the author's conclusion missed the point of Occupy Wall Street

          2. Oh most forgot:

            It also has nothing to do with "bad decisions" or luck. Most of the problems we see today is a direct fault of failed policies of cheap labor conservatives with an assist from the corporatists.

  5. Funny i just saw this on fb, had a conversation on the comment thread and said exactly the same, thing do the math. i questioned the authenticity and googled the text, found this site. As a recent college grad who received half her education through scholarships and grants, ( went to be a teacher by the way in NYS) I decided to go to a private school with a big name to increase my chances if sticking out and getting a good job as the job market on Long Island is very competitive and the unions are rock solid. Keep in mind people that my generation has been indoctrinated to believe, until recently, that a college education was our only chance of having a good future and people with college educations make more money than those without one.. I literally have been primed from the birth canal to accept deferred gratification, to obtain a college degree regardless or financial obstacles or personal hardships and that even with all the uncertainties out there the risk in financing this education is worth it in the long run. To deny that is to deny the absolute truth. So then ask yourself why would bright minded and hard working not take the steps i just laid out? The year I entered the program the housing bubble burst and i realized then I was screwed but had already signed the papers and was locked into completing my degree. School funding is largely tied to real estate and community budgets which allocate and vote on the funding through property taxes. O.k. fine, at this point you can still say, "Oh well its your fault" but really people, use your heads. There are hundreds of thousands of recent college grads or soon to graduate students who will have no jobs waiting for them in many fields, this housing bubble has affected all sectors, and whats going to happen? Their all going to default on their loans. Oh and you say how does that matter to me? They should have chosen a safer more in demand field. LOL well we cant all be lawyers, who by the way cant find jobs either, or doctors, lol, stock brokers (pfft) or whatever you may designate as an demand job. Well thats besides the point whats done is done. PEOPLE MUST UNDERSTAND there's going to be a massive college bubble that will pop just like the housing bubble. and who's going to pay for it? you guessed it, EVERYONE in the entire world, just like we are all paying for the loans given out to buy houses. hell no ones looking for a hand out, but we sure don't want to go to hell on a hand cart either. This picture enables people to ignore the obvious failing educational system and the blatant law breaking and systematic failing of Fannie Mae and Salie Mae Freddie Mac which are government entities created for the sole purpose of financing housing and student loans….the purpose being so we all can have a chance at achieving a better life, and all the government has done is turn it to crap… people wake up, these people protesting are not looking for hand outs they are looking for jsutice and a chance at their inalienable rights to free speech and a chance at the American dream. not to be sheeple like this girl shown in the image whos so humble as to claim she is not part of the 99%. Shes apparently happy to take her nickles and dimes and say thank you Sir. with a side of slap in the face. And as far as claiming bankruptcy for student loans, well its not possible because congress took that away from us as well as many other rights. I am a hard worker i work 40 to 60 hours a week at my full time and my second freelance job as a photographer, Ide like to start my business but i cant, why you ask. BECAUSE I CANT GET A LOAN from the banks WE bailed out. But you know wuts funny is i can go get another loan to go back to school with no prerequisites not business plan, not statistics on my job prospects, and get 20 thousand right now. And even worse i dont even have to use it to go to school i can buy a car.. clothes… but i wont. cause that is what people are doing…and its wrong.. similar to the corruption and false lending in the housing market!! call me lazy call me crazy call me what you want… but know i am doing this for you and i will not stop! Occupy Everything!!

    1. You bring up a good point and it has been that way for years – there are no jobs graduates can get in their field and in the income level they wish to pay off their loans. Back when I was in school there was a guy in my apartment building who had his law degree and pass the bar who delivered pizzas because he couldn't get a lawyer job and that was 20 years ago. It is worse now.

      The turning point leading to now was when President Reagan got Congress to defund grants in favor of loans as a cash gift to his banker friends. And that bad idea is coming home to roost.

  6. Yes. Exactly. I wanted to be a teacher in English Lit at the University Level. I could have had that job…

    Except that I would still be adjuncting with no hope of tenure and be making 12,000 dollars a year. That's it.

    Now I sell tailored clothing for a living. I've gotten very good at it. I also write fiction and design superhero games on the side. Because I can't get an agent, this pays almost nothing. One day, I hope I'll be able to make my livelihood doing that.

    But…I have to work 60 hours a week because my degree is useless. It's only good for presenting an educated face to more educated customers. The right of way doesn't go to the smartest, or the most educated. It goes to the people with the least ethics most willing to throw their fellow human beings under the bus.

    This is the actual core of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement:

    Not a desire to have more than their fellow "left-wing losers" or their "hippie brethren", nor a desire to overthrow the system and replace it with some kind of neo-socialist morality.

    Their desire is simply to be shown that the system works and can be trusted:

    That these financial offenders will be brought to justice and do HARD TIME for what they did.

    That the children of the future have a reasonable expectation that the gap between the rich and the poor will not grow wider, but narrower.

    That the people who have sold this country down the river by writing bad mortgages and throwing whole families into tent cities will PAY for what they have done, if not out of their pockets, than with hard labor on a rockpile.

    That is what this movement is all about. Forget everything that you've heard from the left or the right. This is about giving the crooks a good old fashioned punch in the jaw of the monocled banker villain and returning what was stolen to it's rightful owners, the people it was taken from. Take a lesson from Lester Dent, and learn from his wisdom:

    Let me strive to make myself better each day, that all men may profit by it.

    Let me take what comes each day with a smile, without the loss of courage.

    Let me think of my friends, my associates, and my country in everything I say and do.

    Let me think of the right, and harm no man.

  7. The main problem I have with this sign is that it’s a fake. That’s not a handwriting; it’s a font. And, although the person who put this together found a font that looks like a girl’s handwriting, the hands holding the sign are male, not female.If people who object to (or don’t understand) Occupy Wall Street want to post anti-protest signs, they should at least go to the trouble of finding a genuine person with genuine gripes, instead of fabricating one.

    1. it's not a font, it's actual handwriting, you can tell by the unevenness of the writing; the girl is wearing a button up skirt. those are a girl's hands. i chose not to finish college because of the cost. i only have an a.s. degree in early childhood development. it doens't make sense to get a bachelor's for my field of work. i only get less than $24000 a year for working harder than city counsel. so much is wrong with this country. people should not have signed for adjustment rate loans, especially after or during a housing boom of overinflated housing prices. we were lucky: we decided to sell our 1495 square foot home in california for a rediculous price of $605000 to some couple who just had to pay that much for that tiny home, and moved to california to purchase a 4000 square foot home in colorado for $465000. we were lucky to make that decision, the smartest move we could ever make! and we are lousy with our money, but even we knew not to do an arm loan.

  8. According to facebook this post has been shared 23,137 times. It is worth looking at is it is mathematically possible. The student claims to get 90% tuition paid “because of decent grades in high school.” I am a recent graduate and I assure you that scholarships that pay 90% are simply not available.

    Since the average kid in my town can’t get scholarships that pay 90% could it be done with out the scholarship? Per year tuition is $8000 (MN resident instate) At 30 hours per week just over minimum wage would be about $12,000 annual income. That would leave $333 per month for rent, food, transportation. Reality check is text books alone cost more than $333. Do you not eat that month so you can buy books? So no without a scholarship this can’t be done.

    Regardless is the sign is real or fake we can decide if you can graduate from college debt free without extraordinary “handouts.” My conclusion is either the student: A) Received a handout in the form of a 90% scholarship. Or B) This is just not possible.

    1. When I was in school I had a scholarship that paid my tuition but for books and the rest I had to have a combo of loans and a small pell grant and then later I had to work part time. I just don't think it is possible to go to college without debt unless you go over 10 years like take one or two classes at a time.

  9. Whether the sign is real or not, one thing is evident to me as "amy" made mention of: "Frugality" is definitely a lost art!! My wife & I regularly shop at food stores like Save-a-Lot, Aldi's, even Big Lots as opposed to the name brand grocery stores. And we keep an eye on bargain bins, coupons, close-outs, clearance and other items. It also helps immensely to prep & cook food at home, plus it's healthier generally.

    1. Big Lots CEO salary 2010 = $13 million/year
      Big Lots cashier salary 2011 = $7.67/hour
      While the CEO may practice the "art" of frugality, the cashier has no choice.

  10. The "We Are The 53 percent" photo above is a fine example of the libertarian fantasy-a nation of rugged individualists where no one helps each other out (aside from those magic scholarships,of course:)). Like the socialist fantasy, it has no place in reality. The worst thing about being a Democrat these days is that we have to waste so much time managing the fantasies of the right instead of solving the very real problems that we confront every day as a country.
    My recent post Finding Yourself In A Fantasy World

  11. She isn't paying 20-22% taxes…. she likely isn't paying anything. Her annual salary would be no more than $13,195 (7.25*35*52) and a large portion of her income is deductible because it is going towards education. This means the government gives her almost all her tax dollars back.

    1. The 20-22% includes federal, state, and local taxes. She may get all her federal taxes back but state and local taxes don't all come back. The thing is all those taxes are collected BEFORE they come back. In the end they would get most of it back but you can't use it for other expenses until it comes back.

  12. I created the poster:

    And I will tell you now that every word is true.
    From the time I was 17 until I left for college at 18, I saved $6,000 working at Starbucks.
    Now, I do make roughly $800 a month after taxes.
    I live in a 2 bed 2 bath apartment with a roommate that costs $550. That's $275 a person. We work hard to keep utilities low. Water is usually $25-30, and electric averages about $60. We use electric blankets in the winter and fans in the summer.
    I lived most of my college life without a car. My apartment is within walking distance of both my job and school, so a car really isn't necessary. I do have a car at the moment, however, purchased with the money from my last tax return. My good grades and driving record keep the insurance low.
    I receive health insurance from my dad until I turn 23 (currently 21). In the meantime, I also have care from university–as does everyone else who might not have health care otherwise. Through the university, I've had prescriptions cost as little as $7 without my parents' insurance. Everyone else enrolled receives these benefits.
    I spend an average of $150 a month of on groceries, shopping sales at Kroger and buying everything else at Wal-Mart.
    The total from my scholarships is $3500, and tuition is about $4000. Before tuition went up, I was getting about $100 back from my scholarships. I buy my books used online, only if they are necessary for the class, or relevant to my major. I have literally saved hundreds of dollars by not buying the textbook for gen ed classes–think about it: how many college students buy these outrageously priced textbooks, and never open them until a week before the final? If I absolutely had to have a textbook, first I would ask my professors. So far, twice one of my professors has had an older edition of the textbook that he loaned me for the entire semester at no cost. Others have put additional copies on reserve at the school library. All you have to do is ask!

    Oh yeah–one other thing you forgot to add to your math: Picking up a second job during the summer and working 60+ hours a week AND SAVING it definitely helps pad one's bank account.

    1. That’s great that you were able to take advantage of some of the hints and tips to save money. You didn’t do it all on your own as the sign seemed to be saying. That was the gist I got from it and that is why it didn’t ring true with me. Also there are a lot of people who weren’t able or didn’t know about how to save money while going to school and they shouldn’t be blamed for it.

      That still has only a small point in the entire Occupy Wall Street movement. Student debt is part of it but so is the insane amount of corporate cash that infects our government and helps the Republicans and other cheap labor conservatives block any attempts to help lower the unemployment rate.

      1. What do you mean I didn't do it all on my own? If you are talking about health insurance from my parents, if I didn't have it, I would make do without it. I do my best to stay healthy by eating right and exercising. If you are talking about scholarships, there are thousands of scholarships that go unclaimed every year just because people don't apply for them.
        Also, don't act like not spending your money is some sacred knowledge.

        What specifically do you mean by corporate cash infecting our government, blocking attempts to lower the unemployment rate? I agree that there is corruption between politicians and corporations, but where is the correlation between that and the unemployment rate?

        1. I'm glad it all worked out for you but like someone else commented earlier that doesn't mean it is other people's fault that they didn't have the same experiences you did. Sometimes things happen to people beyond their control.

          As for corporatism infecting the government this isn't the place to get into that discussion. Other posts in my blog and elsewhere in the Interest mentions some examples. One example I will offer is the Health Care Reform act passed in March of 2010. There was talk of a public option – similar to Medicare for everyone. The insurance lobby flexed their wallet and now we all have to sign up with a for-profit insurance company for coverage. The other example is the spark that started the whole Occupy Wall Street – the bankers got the government not to do any criminal investigation over the sub-prime mortgage collapse in 2008. None of them have gone to jail. We bailed them out on the promise they would start lending money again and they are still sitting on trillions of dollars and are not lending…

    2. Nicole, you have every right to be proud of how much you did on your own, but you did not do it all on your own. For starters, your education is subsidized. That’s what happens you attend a state and public school. Did you get the grades that helped you with your assistance with tuition (scholarships) at a public or private school? If you attended a public school, many citizens helped you to achieve your help with tuition. You have received further assistance with your tax refund that enabled you to purchase your car. That’s another handout from the government to enable you to complete your education and survive at the same time.

      Congratulations on getting your education debt-free and managing to survive as a young woman with no dependents and a roommate. That is an accomplishment. It would be nice if you at least acknowledged and showed some grace about the help you are getting along the way. But attempting to shame people, especially people with families, who are attempting to continue to keep a roof over their and their dependents head while facing a crippling (and rising!) unemployment rate in this country while you are accepting help from society without thanks, is downright tacky.

      Good luck to you when you graduate, I hope your combined hard work and good fortune continue to work out for you. And I mean that in complete sincerity.

  13. well, congratulations to you and your self righteous poster. Who do you think you are spouting off crap like that, making many other less fortunate people feel as if they were failures. I wish i had some of the advantages that you had. No, i did no qualify for scholarships, I did bust my butt in school, and worked more that 40 hours per week. Sure my parents had their health insurance, however, I was also responsible for paying rent, while I lived at home. Princess, get over yourself. Your success is yours only, and if you were as smart as you want us all to beleive, you would think twice before posting that bs on the net. Your poster offends me, and it not only insults me, but many of my hard working friends. Your way worked for you…but don't believe for a second that it would work for everyone.

  14. Uploaded with [URL][/URL%5D

    As someone just a few years older than this person, their picture makes me part angry, part sad, and part wanting them to get out of their naive bubble. As you'll see in my response, I've worked probably equally as hard as them, and life has not worked out the way it's supposed to. For this, I DO blame corporate greed. What's worse than me not having a job or being able to pay for things, is the fact that in a few years we'll have a generation of children entering the adult world who grew up in an education system where there wasn't enough teachers to provide the attention that they so needed, there wasn't enough money for extra programs such as music, art, and sports, and there wasn't any hope for their parents to pass onto them. If you're not going to say you're a part of the 99% yourself, at least admit it for our children.

    1. did you apply at the fast food restaurants? or other retail stores? did you apply at a manufacturing company, or verizon? did you apply to do any customer service? did you apply to do sales on commissions? did you create a job or idea for yourself and sell yourself? did you put out an ad to clean houses or babysit, or for a nanny job, or tutoring? as long as big government makes it harder for the corporations to create jobs, you will have to do it on your own like my hubby did. blame yourself, and not corporate greed, for being a consumer and participating in helping corporations to make money, becuase the more money they make off of us, the more jobs they will be able to provide. wall street is an avenue for corporations to take investors' money and build their businesses so that they can create more jobs and money. investors are happy when they make money. you have the right to become an investor and take your chances to earn extra income investing in a business. it's up to you. state governments are the ones taking away the special school programs and teachers' jobs, becuase they are spending the money on social welfare instead. you can't blame wall street for that.

  15. WAY TO GO NICOLE!!!!! you have every right to be proud of your accompishments! you did college the smart way, the way i keep telling my son daughters to do it. my son joined the air force and plans to make it his life service and retire from it. he is an airplane mechanic. he will go to college when he is ready, take it seriously, and get his degree. my older daughter is already trying to find ways to work through college, start at a junior college and transfer to a four year, no plans to take out any student loans. my husband didn't go to college. he has been working hard all of his life. he even started up his own business and made a lot of money doing it. i am a preschool teacher. i paid my way through junior college and have only an associate's degree. it doesn't make sense for me to have a bachelor's becuase my salary is not high enough to justify the expense of college. great idea for the text book issue. i will pass this along to my kids.
    THANK YOU NICOLE FOR BEING A RESPONSIBLE EXAMPLE OF HOW TO DO COLLEGE! i wish only the best for your future! may all your dream come true!

  16. Lol. Wait and see what the real world is like Nicole. I really do hope you find a job in your field that provides you with health insurance. And I really hope you are able to get a wage or salary the enables you to save and break free of your so righteously stated frugality. The fact remains for the majority, your reality is not only unattainable but non existent. Many of us do not want to be sheeple, no offense. And many of us worked just as hard as you. I myself received scholarships and grants but in my state that only goes so far. Think about your fellow peers, your fellow man, and educate yourself on the movement you were obviously attacking or responding to. The reality remains you played right into the hands of people who would use your sign to attack those marginalized and forgotten about and those fighting to help prime like you continue to receive "hand outs" such as scholarships and grants such a you did. Your lucky you have both your parents and they both have jobs. just think before you speak because you seem nieve.

  17. luck has nothing to do with Nicole's success. she worked hard for those scholarships getting good grades in high school. she worked hard to save all of her money. she worked hard to earn an income while going to college. she made smart decisions not purchasing every text book, my favorite idea of hers. and she will succeed, because she already has the mindset and determination to succeed. she is living out her dream already! and i bet with all of her creativity, she will find the right job that she wants at the right time because she is resourceful and hardworking, two very important characteristics that businesses are looking for in employees.

  18. I am 47 years old. I don't have a college education. I was fortunate enough to have owned my own business that did very well for a 10 year period. Unfortunately in 2008 due to the collapse that we all experienced my business went under. I tried to start 2 other business shortly after that which exhausted my savings and left me penny-less and out of work. In Feb of 2009 I took a job working at Domino's Pizza as a delivery driver here by Fort Carson in Colorado Springs in order to put food on the table for my kids. During this time my home went into foreclosure and with a lot of prayer somehow I was able to stay in it. While I was working at Domino's I worked through my depression and found a new career to turn to and obtained the proper lic that I needed to perform my new job that I was offered. It took me 3 months and a lot of money. But I did it. And life has turned around and I am making a living wage again.

    I swallowed my pride and at 45 I worked at a F%^K(*G Dominos Pizza. I would have shoveled shit, picked fruit or even cleaned toilets in order to make it.
    You OWS idiots are nothing more than a bunch of babies who are not getting your way. Here is an idea take yourself off the picket lines and go buy some Chiclets like the little kids in Mexico for 10 cents and sell them for 25 cents. They have more balls then you do. And yes I know they don’t have a choice in it that there is a ring in Mexico that makes them do it. It’s a F**(&ing illustration before you write some shit about what I just typed.

    1. That's great you didn't need a handout – not the point of the Occupy Wall Street movement but whatever. Also do you know what it means to protest – it is to speak out about something or an idea that you really don't like. Saying that the OWS people are "a bunch of babies who are not getting your way.." really speaks about you more than the protesters.

      Did you think that it was fair that the bankers who tanked the economy back in 2008 didn't get in trouble – got bailed out – and continued to do what they did before that tanked the economy?

      Do you think is okay to have 24 million people in this country who can’t find a full time job, 50 million people in this country who can’t see a doctor when they’re sick, 47 million people in this country who need government help to feed themselves, and 15 million families who owe more on their mortgage than the value of their home, or are they a bunch of babies too?

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