Findlay’s Cliff Hite Used As Anti-Abortion Prop

Guess who showed up in a news clip showing a tacky photo-op by supporters of HB 125 aka “Heartbeat” Bill? Senator Cliff Hite (R-Findlay) received a Teddy Bear that made a heartbeat sound when squeezed. The whole photo-op was a circus that P. T. Barnum would be proud of.

Here is a screenshot from the video:

Cliff Hite squeezing a Teddy Bear

Hite, a former Teacher was appointed to his Senate seat when he agreed to vote for the anti-union Senate Bill 5 that was overturned by voters this past November. 

Notice all the non-voting children in the video? I wonder if they all understand what the bill is really about? I can image Hite saying to the children in the room, “Every time there is an abortion a Teddy Bear dies…”

For more info on this tacky photo-op and the awful “Heartbeat” bill see my essay Anti-Abortion Supporters Use Ohio State Senators, Children, And Teddy Bears As Props