President Bill Clinton Says There Is A Clear Choice

image of President Clinton in Obama for America Ad
President Clinton: “This is a clear choice”

Being a swing state I am being bombarded by political ads as we get closer to the 2012 elections. But I saw one this week that actually caught my interest and concisely summed up why President Obama should be re-elected. It was no surprise that the speaker in the ad was President Bill Clinton, the king of political media.

President Bill Clinton:

“This election to me is about which candidate is more likely to return us to full employment.”

This is a clear choice. The Republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper income people and go back to deregulation. That’s what got us in trouble in the first place.”

“President Obama has a plan to rebuild America from the ground up, investing in innovation, education, and job training. It only works if there is a strong middle class.”

“That’s what happened when I was President. We need to keep going with his plan.”

He makes it so clear – the Republicans want to return to the Bush era policies that caused our economic crisis in 2008. President Obama has been working hard to clean up the mess with NO HELP from the Republicans in Congress. Even with no help from the GOP, the President helped prevent Depression 2.0 and helped get us on the road toward real health care reform which had been a major drag on the economy.

My friends who are further left than me complain about Obama’s stance on issues like the Patriot Act, not closing Guantanamo Bay detention center, and using drones that have killed innocent civilians in the Afghanistan region. I’m concerned about those issues too but I KNOW Mitt Romney and the Republicans won’t change those policies – since the GOP started them – but if elected they will also be robbing us blind – giving it all to the 1%.

I much prefer to re-elect the President so we can pressure him on all those important issues while not having to worry our economic well being will get worse. We know it will get worse in a Romney administration.

“Clear Choice” – Obama for America TV Ad