Jon Husted Obsesses About Election Uniformity Except For The Upcoming Primary

official image of Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted

Leading up to the 2012 General Election, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted blathered on about how there must be election uniformity. For the Republican that meant doing his part to suppress votes for Democrats. Eventually the federal courts forced him, kicking and screaming, to stop being such a dick. This year the primary election is Tuesday May 7th. So has Husted turned over a new leaf? The Ohio political blog Plunderbund says not so much.

After spending the weeks leading up the 2012 presidential election issuing directives telling Boards of Elections that they HAD to have uniform hours and they absolutely COULD NOT be open on weekends or on the three days leading up to the election, going so far as to fire members of the Montgomery County BOE for trying to have weekend voting hours, Husted seems to have suddenly abandoned his whole “uniformity” mission.

As far as we can tell, no directive was issued by Husted for this Wednesday’s(sic) election.

Husted suddenly losses interest in election uniformity

Personally I think primary elections are irrelevant and are unfair tax subsidies for the two major parties but if one is going to obsess about election uniformity then it might not look so bad if you show some concern for primary elections too.