With Sanford Win, Family Values Crowd No Longer Morally Superior

image of Mark Sanford
Family Values Poster Boy: Mark Sanford

Serial adulterer, liar, and former Governor of South Carolina Mark Sanford won a seat in Congress on Tuesday. What gets me is the family values crowd who claim to be morally superior and who dare to demand we live our lives a certain way yet don’t hold their own members to the same standard. Mark Sanford thy name is hypocrisy.

Family values? Mark Sanford cheated on his wife, and only when caught admitted that he had done so with a “handful” of women, over the course of his marriage.

Honesty? In addition to his wife, Sanford lied to his staff and his constituents, when he claimed he would be hiking the Appalachian Trail, but was actually in Argentina with his mistress.

Personal responsibility? Sanford was a governor, and while hiking the Appalachian Trail in Argentina with his mistress, he could not be reached by either his family or his staff.

Integrity? Sanford soon will appear in court for allegedly trespassing in the home of his now ex-wife, the woman to whom he was married when he was hiking the Appalachian Trail in Argentina with his mistress.

Sanford wins: South Carolina voters reject family values, honesty, integrity and responsibility

Since I’m not religious I don’t have the same hang ups that crowd does over sexual issues like adultery. I think it is a personal issue between a husband and wife. People like Mark Sanford wasted no time in trying to remove President Clinton for adultery so don’t be shocked when Sanford winning a seat in Congress pisses me off.

I do think that elected officials should be held to a higher standard especially if they use their “family values” as an election talking point.


Now that the family values poster boy has a won his election, that crowd has no right to complain about a lack of family values anywhere.

funny created image of Mark Sanford and George W Bush