Findlay Risks Future Looking For Perfect Flood Control Plan

screencap of a Water Rescue in Findlay Ohio December 2013
Water Rescue in Findlay Ohio December 2013

I grew up in Findlay Ohio and I have family still living there. Back in August of 2007, Findlay made national news when a massive flood hit the area. The river crested at the same level as the terrible flood of 1913 and caused as much damage. Since then there has been three other major floods including the one that occurred this past Sunday. After each flood the same thing has happened. There has been clean up and talk of doing something about the flooding. Six years on it is still all talk. Dragging out the needed plan will only hurt Findlay in the long term. Maybe they shouldn’t be looking for the perfect plan.

A Christmastime flood put the spotlight on Findlay again this week, with renewed promises of a flood-control solution from federal officials.

U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, who visited the city Monday, said exerting political pressure will be the key in convincing the Army Corps of Engineers to fund the remainder of the Blanchard River flood study.

He said Findlay-based Marathon Petroleum Corp. may be the largest business in Ohio, in terms of revenue, which helps make a solid economic argument for flood control.

Findlay flood prompts visit by U.S. senator

The rest of the article mentioned that farmers aren’t happy with a draft plan for diversion channels would cut through farm land and their demand to dredge the Blanchard first can’t be met because of a rare mussel living in the river bed.

I agree with Senator Portman that a flood plan was need after the 2007 flood not only because Marathon Petroleum would be affected but the entire economic future of Findlay is at stake. Every time the news reports of another flood in Findlay, the people who decide to build or locate businesses get a bad taste. They take their business to someplace that doesn’t flood constantly.

Checking out the news reports shows the major issues about a flood plan is some people want it to be ‘perfect’ (not piss anyone off) and cost little to nothing (meaning the Federal government should fund it all).

Looking like you are doing nothing to fix a flooding problem is just like if you had a major crime problem. The longer it takes will hurt the city and county further into the future.

Sometimes to help the most number of people a small number of people will be hurt for a short time. The end result is to secure the future.

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  1. Yeah, this is a big problem for Findlay and Ottawa. Here in rural NW Ohio we have a huge flooding problem too. Year after year it gets ignored. The city of Bryan did build some retention ponds and this helped with some of their flooding. Part of the problem here is that this area was a swamp before we humans drained it. It still wants to be a swamp. 🙂

    BTW, I lived in Findlay too…1971-74. Attended Central Jr High and two years at FHS. We still go to Findlay to eat. Lots of fond memories.

    1. Good point about the swamp. All I know is that 25 years ago flooding was not an issue like it is now in Findlay so something needs to change and more delay won’t help

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