A $15 An Hour Minimum Wage Would Help All Of Us

image of protestors

A meme showed up in my Facebook feed the other day that tried to undermine the movement to raise the minimum wage to $15 and hour by comparing ‘burger flipping’ with a ‘real job’ as if that proved the protestors are wrong. It actually points out how broken our economic system is for middle-class workers and those who make the current minimum wage and lower. $15 an hour should be the starting point not the end.

Here is the meme that was posted by a friend on Facebook who agreed with the point.

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Did Fiat’s Marchionne Ask For A Payoff To Keep Wrangler In Toledo?

screencap of FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne
Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne

The Wrangler, the best selling nameplate for Jeep, which has been produced in Toledo Ohio for decades, might be produced elsewhere. Fiat Chrysler (FCA) owns Jeep and at the end of last year CEO Sergio Marchionne indicated that it might move Wrangler production due to changes in the model planned for 2017. On Monday, Marchionne pretty much asked for a payoff in order to keep the Wrangler in Toledo.

In his remarks at the 2015 Automotive News World Congress, in Detroit, Marchionne stated how FCA’s concern about keeping Wrangler production in Toledo could go away:

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Findlay Risks Future Looking For Perfect Flood Control Plan

screencap of a Water Rescue in Findlay Ohio December 2013
Water Rescue in Findlay Ohio December 2013

I grew up in Findlay Ohio and I have family still living there. Back in August of 2007, Findlay made national news when a massive flood hit the area. The river crested at the same level as the terrible flood of 1913 and caused as much damage. Since then there has been three other major floods including the one that occurred this past Sunday. After each flood the same thing has happened. There has been clean up and talk of doing something about the flooding. Six years on it is still all talk. Dragging out the needed plan will only hurt Findlay in the long term. Maybe they shouldn’t be looking for the perfect plan.

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Moving The Goal Posts Of Corporatism

photo of a call center

This week would’ve been my 10th anniversary working for a large health care concern as a call center representative. I probably would still be there had it not been for the common corporate practice of weeding out the high wage workers so that lower paid workers can take their place. I’m sure you think this is just sour grapes, people get fired all the time. The point of this post is to rant about the practice of weeding out good workers just because they make high wages.

Back in 2003, I learned there was an opening at a major health care company. I applied to be a security guard and as a lark I applied to be a Customer Service Representative (CSR). I ended up getting the CSR job and 10 years ago this week started my training class.

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Weed Should Be Illegal Because It Is So Easy To Obtain

color picture of marijuana

An Ohio legislator has decided that it is time to legalize marijuana in the state. Of course some are opposed. In a TV interview, an undercover police officer made the false gateway drug argument and then claimed, without a sense of irony, that it is too easy to obtain marijuana. Yes, a 27 year veteran of the war on drugs basically said it has failed yet he doesn’t support legalization of marijuana.

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