Ohio GOP Ad For Rob Portman Lies About Planned Parenthood

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A campaign advert, sent by the Ohio GOP, I got in the mail the other day attempts to paint Rob Portman’s challenger, Ted Strickland, as a flip-flopper on abortion. In the text of the ad it claims Planned Parenthood, which Strickland supports, is the subject of a public debate concerning ‘taxpayer funded’ abortions. The fact is that claim is a lie.

Here is an image of the mailer I got and below it is a blow-up of the part that is a lie:

full view of mailer
close-up of Lie in Ohio GOP Portman ad

Here is the text:

“Planned Parenthood is the nation’s top abortion provider and at the center of ongoing battle over taxpayer-funded abortions.”

Public tax dollars can’t be used for abortions. It has been that way for decades. Planned Parenthood uses the federal funding it does get to take care of women’s health in general like cancer screenings and check-ups. The actual “ongoing battle” is the GOP’s need to take away all of Planned Parenthood’s federal funds because it happens to also provide abortions.

Many conservatives claim it hurts their religious beliefs to support a group that provides abortion even if none of their tax dollars are paying for those abortions.

Taking away all the federal funding won’t stop abortions but will hurt women’s health in general especially those less able to pay for their health care.

Ted Strickland has changed his view on abortion and that is a good thing. People should be applauded when they change their minds after new information is available.

I wonder how the Ohio GOP feels about Senator Portman’s “flip-flop” on same-sex marriage in 2013?

The mailer, even with the lie about Planned Parenthood, makes me want to vote for Strickland more since he now shares a majority view on allowing public health funding to be used for abortions when needed.

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