Why Do Progressives Make Life So Hard?

some progressive issues

The 2016 Presidential election is in the books and we will be getting a President progressives didn’t want, who will be working with a Congress controlled by people who don’t support progressive issues. For some reason the progressive groups I follow seem to have a new energy and a surge of donations to ‘fight the power’. I can’t help myself but wonder where was this energy before election day? Why do progressives seem to take the hard road? Do we like being a victim when we don’t need to be?

Life was looking up for progressives. Our issues were being addressed. We had the start of real health insurance reform, same-sex marriage was finally legalized, there was movement toward addressing climate change, church and state issues were going our way. We were on the cusp of electing the first woman president who likely would be friendly to our issues and continue the progress made under President Obama.

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Gov. Kasich And Anti-Women Ohio Republicans Have Lost The Next Election

Ohio Gov. Kasich celebrating a victory against women

On Sunday June 30th, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed into law a state budget that included one of the most restrictive abortion regulations enacted by a state so far. This cheap attack on women’s right to choose was inserted at the last minute, with no debate or public input, and rammed through the Republican controlled legislature. The new law not only redefines pregnancy to include any fertilized egg but also says using birth control pills is an abortion. If Kasich and his Republicans get any votes from women in 2014, I will have to consider moving out of the state. I really hate bigots and I really hate stupid people and any woman who would vote for people who took away their rights would be very stupid.

The new abortion restrictions are worse than the Heartbeat Bill I wrote about before because it defines pregnancy to include any fertilized egg:

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