About The Game And Where Hindsight Is Virtue

Logo of Ohio State University

Ohio State and the team north of them play this Saturday (11/24) in their annual rivalry game. The difference is that Ohio State is 11-0 but is banned from post season play so ‘The Game’ is our Bowl game and championship all rolled into one. The Ohio State biased newspaper The Columbus Dispatch thinks having a bowl ban this season was a wrong result of the NCAA punishment the school got for Tattoogate. If only hindsight was a real thing to use in making decisions.

Ohio State got a bowl ban and other NCAA punishment after Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor, as well as several other teammates, had been involved with selling memorabilia for tattoos and money. Urban Meyer became coach in 2011 and in his first season has the Buckeyes undefeated at 11-0 with nothing else to play for except to beat their rivals from the state north of Ohio.

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Tiger Woods Who?

image of Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

Maybe I’m missing something but the amount of time the sports media spends on talking about golfer Tiger Woods doesn’t match his recent work on the links. Maybe it’s just my local station but when reporting on the recent US Open the sports anchor mentioned the guy who won but also spent the same amount of time mentioning where Woods ended up on the leader board. Make no mistake, Tiger will be on the list of great golfers of history but he seems to be past his prime and doesn’t deserve the amount of coverage he gets in the press today.

There is no doubt that Woods was one of the great golfers of our time. He was the top money winner for nine years and is still the top money winner overall. He has won 14 major tournaments (US Open, The Masters, etc…) but since 2010 he has only won two tournaments and no majors.

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Arlington Ohio Girls Basketball State Champs!

image of Arlington school nickname the Red Devils

The Arlington Ohio Girls Basketball team, making its first appearance in the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) tournament, won the Division IV state girls basketball title on Saturday (3/17). They dominated Berlin Hiland from the start and never trailed. Congrats to the Red Devils for an excellent season and bringing a title back to Hancock county and the Blanchard Valley Conference.

The final score was Arlington 52 Berlin Hiland 37. It is the first state team title for Arlington High School.

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The Firing Of Joe Paterno Was A Business Decision

image of Joe Paterno in happier times

Penn State University has a mess on its hands and many heads rolled as a result – as they should have – but many people on the Internet either falsely claimed that Coach Joe Paterno was accused of molesting the children or that his lack of action upon finding out made him as guilty as the former staff member who is actually accused. Make no mistake, Paterno was fired on Wednesday so the school could protect their brand and get ahead of the massive negative story.

Child abuse, especially of a sexual nature, is, as it should be, a heinous crime. People tend to lose their mind when it becomes public. The downside of that freak out is that due process and the concept of “innocent until proved guilty” seems to fly out the window. Incidents that become news explodes all over the people involved and indirectly seeps down to people not directly involved.

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