Problems with the website

If you are a regular visitor you might have noticed an issue with accessing this blog. The web host I had been using was moving to a new server provider. Well needless to say I had to move to a different one instead.

They sent an e-mail telling me I had 48 hours to back up my data before the move. So I started doing just that. Unfortunately everytime I got to a certain point I would lose connection and have to wait an hour or more to pick back up. Probably a throttle to prevent hacking or DDoS attacks. I only got half way through the back up when I lost connection for good it seems. Even the host’s main website has not been reachable for more than a day now.

This isn’t the first time my website has been down. About once a month it has gone down for a day or two. Since it was a free host I can’t really name them or complain. I finally was able to work out my budget to go to a paid host so I know it will be up more than 90% of the time.

I am still checking systems to make sure everything is working right so please forgive any errors you might get for a short while.