Coach Woody Hayes endorses Herman Cain??

image of a Woody Hayes impersonator

Herman Cain made a campaign stop at The Ohio State University in Columbus on Wednesday 11/30/11 and a Coach Woody Hayes impersonator introduced him. Woody Hayes endorsing Herman Cain? Is that really appropriate for a public college icon? Does this mean that Brutus Buckeye will be endorsing Romney or Newt next? I hope not. The introduction, which was pretty political, seemed to be an inappropriate use of a symbol of a publicly funded University.

Woody, who has been dead since 1987, was a staunch Republican. He was a personal friend of President Richard Nixon. Nixon even gave the eulogy at Woody’s funeral. Woody Hayes also was someone who valued character and integrity above all else. He also knew a lot about US foreign policy and endowed the National Security Studies chair at Ohio State’s Mershon Center for International Security Studies. I strongly doubt Woody would support someone like Herman Cain, who lacks those things.

I support students hearing from candidates but is it appropriate to give an impression that the Hayes family endorses a candidate or that it seems Ohio State does since Woody Hayes has become an icon of the University? It wouldn’t have been so bad if the impersonator’s introduction wasn’t so political.

Thomas: There’s a person this country needs to lead us back from the abyss that politicians, the professional politicians in Washington have driven us to. What can I say, Herman Cain where are you….

Sure some people would say, “Come on Doug, most people won’t make that connection. They know the difference between the real person and the impersonator.” Just look at the FOX “news” microphone on the podium. I bet that intro got several plays on their channel and whether the person is real or not doesn’t matter to the same people who still question the religion of the President of the United States.

Here is a short video clip that played at the top of the 5 PM newscast here in Columbus:

Woody Hayes endorses Herman Cain??

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  1. The Cain train has been derailed.The arrogance of this man is astounding.One might think he was played a stooge by his own party if not purposely torpedoed by the Teabaggers." Look we are not racist see we even have a black candidate." And Herman played the fool so well.Men like Donald Trump,Ross Perot,and Herman Cain are the worst possible choices for a president.They are captains of industry who have rule by decree not by consensus.When will the Republican Party learn? And yes very inappropriate for collage coaches to endorse a candidate. 

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